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For the one who knows how to genuinely enjoy the finer things in life.




Sit in the lap of luxury, with this profoundly decadent experience.  Begin by tasting the lavish bubbles of Dom Pérignon on your lips. Striving for the ideal, Dom Pérignon has been synonymous with vintage champagne and prestige cuvées since its first bottle in 1921. Dom Perignon is an immaculately balanced, undoubtedly iconic, and world-renowned Champaign.

If you prefer wine, however, we are also proud to carry Far Niente Chardonnay, an elegant Chardonnay with refreshing fruit notes, crisp acidity and a silky creaminess on the palate.  This beautiful wine opens with aromas of sweet citrus and white blossom florals, layered with notes of sweetly toasted oak, lemon and honeydew melon, supported by just of hint of wet stone, yeast and toasted hazelnuts. The finish is long and structured with citrus rind and mouthwatering acidity.

We are also pleased to offer Shafer One Point Fine Cabernet- A rich vintage that is abundant in both complex and compelling aromas and flavors.  This classic, precision Cabernet is aromatic in the glass, serving up layer upon layer of red and black fruit; pomegranate, red plum, black cherry, briar and bramble fruit, summer berry compote, and a gentle taste of savory herbs.

After choosing from our wine list, indulge in an opulent caviar plate, served with traditional accompaniments of; smooth creme fraiche, finely chopped red onion, hard-boiled egg whites and egg yolk. Served with delicate 34-degree crisps and, of course, real mother of pearl spoons.




Slip into father extravagance, by experiencing either Feminine Rejuvenation, Body Sculpting, or Laser Resurfacing.

Feminine Rejuvenation is a treatment that tightens the tissue within the vaginal area, both internally and externally. This treatment holds many benefits, not just in the aesthetics but in sexual health as well. Used to treat urinary incontinence, dryness, laxity, sexual discomfort, as well as enhance sexual gratification. Read more about this revolutionary treatment HERE.




At The Fountain of Youth, we use Vanquish ME. This device has been tested and FDA-Approved as well as verified with many third party, peer reviewed studies, each that support its ability to target and destroy fat cells.

This contouring treatment also tightens skin and does not affect any other surrounding tissue. Read more about this state-of-the-art medical spa service HERE.




This is one of the most effective treatments to enhance skin health and to create a younger and more vibrant appearance. Laser Resurfacing removes several of your top, damaged layers of skin to reveal the healthy and youthful layers below. Read more about Laser Resurfacing HERE.




Next, enjoy a full IPL treatment- leaving your complexion hydrated, healthy, and glowing. This versatile and scientifically proven treatment targets unwanted blemishes, discoloration, sun damage and more. Read more about IPL HERE.



This lavish experience is then concluded by selecting a,two of any of the following; HydraFacial, Laser Hair Removal, Professional teeth Whitening, Microneedling or Facial of your choice.

HydraFacial treatments are incredible for skin health and appearance. Exfoliating, cleansing and rejuvenating are only a few of the benefits you will notice post treatment. This highly sought after treatment is detailed further HERE.




This life-changing treatment is fast and effective. Ideal for anyone who would prefer to not shave or wax again, it can be performed on nearly any skin tone. Read HERE to learn more about Laser Hair Removal.




The Fountain of Youth offers Profession teeth whitening, guaranteed to lift your teeth shade by several levels. This is accomplished with three applications of our painless and proven whitening regimen. Learn more by clicking HERE.




This treatment is also referred to as “collagen induction therapy” due to it’s ability to encourage your own bodies collagen production. This adaptive treatment also treats scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, texture, stretch marks, minimizes the appearance of pores and discoloration, to only name a few. Learn more about this incredible therapy HERE.




We offer Facials utilizing only medical-grade ingredients that have been dermatologically tested to heal and protect the skin. Our SkinCeuticals facial regimens have been designed by skin care professionals to ensure that you receive only the absolute highest care and treatment possible. Read about the different facials we offer and their targeted benefits HERE.


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”   


-Eleanor Roosevelt



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