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What Are Lip Fillers?

One of the most common non-invasive procedures performed in the U.S. is lip fillers. In fact, over 2 million of these procedures were performed by healthcare providers in 2018 alone. Why are these procedures so popular, are they safe, and how are they beneficial? Let’s take a look at what exactly lip fillers are and what they do so you can decide whether this procedure is right for you.

Lip Fillers Overview

Lip fillers increase lip volume by using a simple injection method. A type of dermal filler, lip injections are composed of hyaluronic acid. Although this substance is natural and commonly found in the body, a synthetic version is made for the filler.

There are a few different types of brands, as well, which utilize their own specially crafted recipes. Your doctor can help you find the best brand for your skin type and aesthetic needs. Depending on the type of lip filler you choose, as well as other factors like age and metabolism, lip fillers last anywhere from a year to 18 months.

Why get lip fillers

There are a few factors you should consider before moving forward with a lip filler procedure. While this is a non-invasive, same-day procedure, participants should still be in good health. Avoid the procedure if you have any signs of oral infection like cold sores. Luckily, lip filler procedures don’t typically have a long recovery time. However, going in with the right expectations can help you have a better overall experience.

Lip filler procedures can be a great way to boost confidence and improve body image. Some other benefits of this procedure include:

  • Creating a more asymmetrical lip shape by correcting the size and shape of the lips

  • Creating a smoother area around the mouth and eliminating wrinkles due to age or smoking

  • Correcting areas impacted by age like the corners of the mouth, upper lip, and lip shrinkage

Overall, lip fillers help add volume in areas that need it, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, and hydrate the lips. Unlike more invasive procedures like lip implants or augmentation, lip fillers are a quick and easy way to give you the shape and look you want.

Where to get your lips filled

Lip filler procedures are approved by the FDA for anyone over the age of 21. Whether your lips are suffering from sun damage, smoking habits, or age, a Lip Filler in Greenwood Village can help. Take time to discuss your needs with a healthcare provider so you can determine the best treatment options for lip fillers. With the help of skilled healthcare providers, you can restore your lips to a more youthful look.

Contact Fountain of Youth Med Spa to find out more about lip fillers and other non-invasive injection procedures.

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