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What can go wrong with lip fillers?

Lip augmentation is a popular, non-surgical procedure that implements a dermal filler to increase lip fullness. The simple procedure takes around an hour, and most patients experience little to no side effects.

It is worthwhile, however, to be knowledgeable of all the risks associated with lip fillers before scheduling your appointment. This can help you be prepared in case of an emergency, even if unlikely.

Read on to discover more about lip fillers, the potential risks and side effects, and how to prepare for your appointment for lip filler in Greenwood Village.

What Are Lip Fillers?

A type of dermal filler, lip fillers are administered as an injection to your lips in order to add volume. The filler is created using synthetic hyaluronic acid. This substance is also found naturally in your body, making lip fillers a safer augmentation choice. There are also a few different brands to choose from, so talk to your doctor about which one is the best for you.

When considering lip fillers, patients should have realistic expectations. They won’t solve every issue, but they are a great choice for smoothing fine lines and adding fullness to your lips. Patients should be in good health and not have any mouth sores or oral infections at the time of their visit, as well.

Possible Side Effects of Lip Fillers

Lip fillers do include some minor side effects. They are temporary, however, and should only last a few hours to days depending on the person.

You may experience some light bleeding from where the needle was inserted, as well as bruising or tenderness. Lip swelling is also a common occurrence. You can apply a cold compress lightly on the area to help mitigate swelling and bruising. If you have had cold sores or blisters in the past, these could also open again after application.

If the following more severe side effects and risks do occur, see your doctor right away:

  • Severe swelling lasting more than 10 days after the initial procedure

  • Areas of the lips are asymmetrical or different sizes

  • Lumps form on the lips or around the mouth, as this could be a sign of infection

  • Lips feel stiff, or are itching, swelling, or red

  • Scarring or ulcerations occur

  • You develop a fever

Keep in mind that extreme cases are not common, as lip fillers are considered a safe, non-surgical procedure.

How to prepare for your appointment

Being prepared for your appointment can help put your mind at ease for any side effects that may occur. Before the injection is administered, you’ll receive a numbing agent on your lips to help with any discomfort. You can also ice the area beforehand to help with potential swelling or bruising.

The lip filler substance will then be carefully administered by your doctor using a fine needle. Be sure to avoid firm pressure or applying any lip products afterward and follow all doctor recommendations.

For more information on where to find lip filler applications in Greenwood Village, contact Fountain of Youth Aesthetic Spa.

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