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DIY Skincare At Home

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

With all spas, medical spas and salons closed due to Covid-19, we are all resulting to at home self care. But, trying to have that glass half full, why not try and enjoy self pampering? With a few tips and tricks, there is no need to re-emerge from isolation looking like you've gone without!



If you're into that whole, looking young and fresh thing, then ice is the remedy for you!

Applying an ice cube can soothe pesky pimples, skin inflammation and even sunburns! It reduces redness and swelling and minimizes the appearance of pores. Try massaging your face with ice cubes once a day, as this can brighten your complexion by boosting circulation.


Exfoliation is a great way to enhance a dull, dry, or congested complexion. You can do this at home with a exfoliation product such as a physical exfoliation or a chemical exfoliation. However, be careful, many DIY exfoliation remedies touted online are actually extremely damaging for the skin. Salt scrubs made at home are usually too harsh for the facial region (go ham on your feet with them though) and even the majority of over the counter scrubs are much to abrasive. This can lead to irritation, burning, peeling, redness and inflammation, breakouts, especially small pimples and increased sensitivity. Ideally, only exfoliate one to two times per week. This is where less can be more. (Laziness can pay off apparently.)

So, what can you use?

Medical grade skin care is always the best and safest bet, especially when dealing with something as important as your face! This is the place to invest. SkinCueticals has a great line, including their incredible as well as exfoliating face wash. It is formulated with enzymes to gently help shed dead skin cells and reveal a brighter (and cleaner!) face. The Fountain of Youth offers FREE shipping on any of their SkinCueticals products, so you can continue being the isolated (but radiantly beautiful) self!


DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT PICK THOSE PIMPLES! As tempting as it can be, it will lead to scarring, and additional breakouts to name a few. Instead, use these at home remedies to help keep those little suckers at bay.

Okay, I already mentioned using medical grade skin care, which is always the gold standard. (salicylic acid is bae) However, if you are without, then tea tree oil can help kill the bacteria responsible for causing those breakouts.

Another trick: sanitize your phone and hands regularly! Not just to help stop the spread of Coronavirus, but to minimize bacteria contact. Most phones have more bacteria then your bathroom! Eeek!

Cleaning your makeup sponges and brushes are also a great way to stop bacteria and oil build up, which will help with future breakouts.

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