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Growing up in Colorado was an incredible opportunity. One that cultivated a distinct connection to the time-honored land that engulfs us. The majestic mountains, the gurgling streams and the strangely undefeatable and simultaneously fragile ecosystem; All of this left a very strong and resonating impression on us. 


Being in such a breathtakingly beautiful area comes with incredible responsibility. A responsibility to be a steward of this unique land. To respect it. To honor it. Because of this, we are dedicated to making our business as sustainable as possible, so we can preserve this land for many generations to come.




At the very onset, we are planning to undergo a complete energy audit with our local power company. This is crucial in determining how to be as productive as possible with energy and will determine what issues need to be rectified in maximizing our energy efficiency.


During our initial renovation, we will install only high efficiency appliances.  When using said appliances, we will run them when they are at full capacity all in order to maximize our usage.


All incandescent lighting will be replaced with LED light bulbs. Our establishment will also use energy efficient exit signs.  During the initial renovation, we will design our layout to optimize use of available natural lighting.

In order to reduce pollution, we will only be using eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and avoid harmful chemicals.


Reducing our energy consumption can also be accomplished by installing and using energy management systems (EMS), that automatically turn off idle equipment. Additionally, we will use program energy-saving standby settings on monitors and printers to the minimum time interval.


We understand that many companies generate large amounts of unneeded waste each day through disposable items. We will only purchase rechargeable batteries, and instead of using typical disposable items; we will use high quality linens, gowns, sheets, as well as silverware, dishes and any other product that can be sanitized and reused.


A criterion in our product selection will be the least amount of packaging or that have recyclable packaging. Any non-retainable items that will be used within the spa will be purchased in bulk and in refillable containers to reduce plastic consumption.


We will donate unwanted items to local charities or other organizations for reuse, such as office furniture, supplies and equipment; food; unwanted testers; old robes; etc. Anything that we replace will be donated.




Educating our staff and incorporating their involvement is also imperative to our sustainability goals. Not only will we offer continuous education, reminders and memos, but will offer incentives to encourage staff engagement. We plan to reward team members who contribute to the business’ cost and resource-saving efforts with prizes, extra pay or internal recognition at employee meetings. We will encourage direct deposit for payroll as well.


Everyday actions, such as double-sided printing and copying will be a standard practice. Additionally, using the backs of printed sheets that would normally be discarded, will be used for printing drafts or for notepads.


There will also be an implemented policy that all electronic devices and lighting be turned off in unoccupied rooms or offices.


Our company will use e-mail for memos and newsletters. However, if there are any other unavoidable mailings, they will be designed so as not require an envelope, such as a fold-and-mail option. We will recommend customers have a receipt emailed to them, instead of printed. This is also applicable to any invoices as well.


Additionally, there are many innovative non-profit organizations that can aid in creating and maintaining a sustainable business. We plan on utilizing these programs to benefit us in our goals.




All these things, in cumulation, have a great effect on our footprint we leave behind.  As business owners in this incredible area, we feel it is our responsibility to be at the forefront of building an environmentally friendly organization. Its benefits are tremendous and affect so much more than we can ever possibly imagine. For us, the biggest motivation is that our children, and their children, will have the childhood we did. That this beautiful land will always be home.  As John James Audubon said, “A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children.”

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